Program Policy


LTV operates two stations within the Town of East Hampton; LTV Channel 20, and EG Channel 22. LTV is East Hampton’s Public Access Channel and is reserved for the use of the public in line with the terms set below and by LTV policy. EG Channel 22 is East Hampton’s Education and Government channel and is reserved for use by elected officials and authorized school officials in the Town of East Hampton.


If you are an East Hampton Town resident you will need to fill out a Verification of Residency form and provide proof of residency. Residency is established by providing a copy of a valid New York State Drivers License, current utility bill or a current bank statement. A physical address must be established. Post Office Box addresses do not establish residency.


If you are not an East Hampton Town resident, you will need to find an East Hampton Town resident who is willing and able to act as your resident sponsor. A resident sponsor will need to fill out a Sponsor Request for Non-resident Producers form, as well as, a Verification of Residency form and establish residency as stated above. Resident sponsors are held responsible for the programs that they present for airing.


LTV accepts DVD-R video DVDs meeting the following criteria:
◦Preferred format, encoded to meet the following specifications (as per CableLabs VOD Content 1.0 Specification):
◦MPEG-2, main level, main profile
◦NTSC in 4:3 aspect ratio, NO 16:9 format without rendered letterboxing
◦4:2:0 chroma subsampling
◦29.97 frame rate.
◦Black Level of 0IRE
◦Encoding bitrate of 8.0Mbps
◦Resolution of: 720x480 or 720x486 or 640x480. For broadcast, resolution will be carried at 3/4 (528x480)
◦One program per disk.
◦No leading or trailing black or color bars should be on the disk.
◦Menus should be avoided when possible or kept to a minimum.
◦Must be submitted to LTV a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start of our schedule.
As of January 1, 2010, LTV no longer accepts VHS/SVHS tapes for air. Programs produced as productions at LTV’s facilities will automatically be properly formatted and labeled, and recognized as in house on the same day in which it is recorded. All DVDs must be clearly labeled with the following information: producer’s name, title of program, episode number or date of recording and the total running time (TRT). All formats submitted must be in good condition otherwise they will be rejected. If your program has poor audio, video, tracking issues, or is a poor copy in general it will be rejected. LTV is not responsible for damaged or lost submissions.


All formats must contain a disclaimer such as, “THE VIEWS EXPRESSED AND/OR IMPLIED ON THIS PROGRAM MAY NOT BE THAT OF THIS STATION”. This must be contained within the opening and the closing credits.
All videos provided from a third-party source must be fully credited, including the name of the producer. The producer's name must match the name provided on the program rights release.
Commonly available time slots are 30 or 60 minutes in length. Programs for these slots must be 2 minutes shorter than the actual slot time; therefore a program in a thirty-minute time slot should be 28-minutes in length. A program in a sixty-minute time slot should be 58-minutes in length. If your program exceeds these actual times, it may be cut short. Programs shorter than these times may be combined with other programs and re-scheduled to fill a complete time slot.
Always preview your submission for technical errors. Any offensive material containing: foul language, nudity, cruelty, violence, libel, bias or otherwise offensive material must be labeled accordingly and immediately brought to the program director’s attention upon submission. LTV requires that any offensive material be removed, muted or blurred by the producer before submission.
LTV reserves the right not to air any program or restrict it to a late nighttime slot based upon community standards and FCC Regulations. All programs must be free of commercial and/or promotional content. Only non-commercial, non-promotional material may exist on your program. For-profit business addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and websites are prohibited. Only informational and/or charitable related content is permitted. Not-for-profit organizations must submit a 501-c3 certificate, therefore proving their status. A single point of contact may be contained within the closing credits of your program, for informational purposes only. For underwriters and sponsorships please follow the program guidelines set forth by LTV.


Producers are required to maintain their own file of release forms and any required authorization from events coordinators or persons appearing on your program.
Producers must complete a Program Rights Release form for each Title or Series of programs.
Producers must hold the rights for any material in copyright that appears in the program.


Producers of a regular series are advised to make a number of programs in advance so that they can retain their airtime should tapings be cancelled. Failure to submit a new program may result in the loss of your time slot. A re-run may air after three months of programming have been submitted.

The premier airtime for LIVE programs is at the time of original broadcast. The premier airtime for pre-recorded programs is the first airtime after the schedule begins. Our schedule begins on Tuesdays at 12am.

Time sensitive materials should be submitted one month prior to the event. For example, programs about holiday cooking should be submitted at least one month prior to said holiday. This will ensure your program airs in a timely fashion. A schedule of time slots will only be given out when a program is in house and ready to air. Please allow 10 business days for a schedule to be obtained. Resident programs take priority over non-resident programs.
All requests for time slot changes must be submitted in writing and will only be considered upon availability.


If you record your program at LTV's studio, or on-location for LTV, it will be stored in our library archive and is the property of Local TV, Inc. Be sure to check off whether or not you allow copies to be made of your program on the Program Rights Release form.
If you record your program elsewhere it will be stored for no more then 30 days after the final air date. It is the producer’s responsibility to make arrangements to pick up programs or to have them shipped out at the producer’s expense, upon drop off. Media left at LTV for more then 30 days will be discarded.

About Programming

Local TV, Inc. operates two public access television stations for East Hampton 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Programs may be submitted by East Hampton residents, or residents of other towns in accordance with LTV's program policy.


Questions regarding program submissions or scheduling may be directed to Patrice Jacobsen, Programming Director.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.