Orientation to LTV and Production Overview

  • Explanation of Public Access and Media Center Rules and Regulations, paperwork, etc.

  • A tour of the building and equipment.

  • How to do a project at LTV- Suggestions for creating a show.

  • Production Overview - Pre-production, Production, Post-production. 

  • Studio production overview

Making a Documentary with your Smartphone

  • The basics of telling a story with video.

  • Tools and techniques for capturing high quality video and audio.

  • Editing with free and inexpensive software.

  • Exporting for the web. 

Multi-Camera Event Production

  • We encourage organizations to send members or staff to learn how to record events such as lectures, readings, forums, etc. We can assist with equipment and expert advice. 

Advanced Documentary Production

  • Planning and budgeting. 

  • Professional video production techniques.

  • Sound and lighting for documentary production. 

LTV is offering a series of classes in television production for East Hampton residents.

These classes are designed to give the public the skills needed to tell their stories through digital media on Public Access or the web. The orientation class must be taken before any of the other courses we offer. 

To sign-up for our classes or if you have any questions, email: ellen@ltveh.org or give us a call at  631-537-2777, ext. 110.