LTV is the Public Access Television Station for the Town of East Hampton

LTV Channel 20

Local Producers - Local Arts  
Local Talk - Local History

LTVEG Channel 22

Town and Village Board Meetings



• To allocate channel space & time to East Hampton Town residents, non-profit  organizations,educators, and governmental bodies to cablecast their programs.

• To offer access to a facility in which studios, production, and editing equipment are  available for the use of residents, non-profit organizations, educators, and  governmental bodies to create  television productions for cablecasting on LTV’s  designated access channels.

• To offer media training in the use of access facilities and equipment.


• To house an archive in which shows of historic value and interest to East Hampton    residents are  preserved.


• To administer, promote, or otherwise support PEG access programming benefiting  the community,  including the production of content and the selection of programs  from satellite and other  resources, and the videotaping and live broadcast of
 East Hampton Town and Village Board  meetings.


LTV Channel 20

Local Producers - Local Arts  
Local Talk - Local History


a show about the thriving
East End food community

LTVEG Channel 22

Town and Village Board Meetings


Town + Village Board Meetings

stay in touch with your community

watch most of the local meetings

LTV20 and EG22 together program more new shows per week than any other access station on Long Island. LTV belongs to the people of this town. And thanks to the Founders, LTV’s Board of Directors, the forward thinking of East Hampton Town and Village, and countless Producers and volunteers over the years, we do today what we promised to do 30 years ago in providing this unique place access to its own television channel on which they can connect and create for the community.

So visit us, become a Producer and let your voice be heard!
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LTV maintains a vast video archive of more than 25,000 East End programs, government meetings, and events saved using state-of-the-art technology.


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