LTV Community Intern Project

Watch the first three episodes of the Community Intern Project
EP 01: Host: Melanie Valladares / Guest: Sandra Dunn
EP 02: Host: Dante Sasso / Guest: Jessica James
EP 03: Host: Evan Masi / Guest: Tim Garneau

LTV Community Intern Project

The LTV Internship program is a two-year program for students with a passion for community media, lifelong learning, and free speech. It is offered to any East Hampton High School student who is thinking about pursuing an education in film, television, broadcasting or radio.


Ideal candidates will have these qualities: a love of story and a commitment to our community along with a strong belief that all communities deserve to have access to accurate, unfiltered information. They should also be involved or are interested in media production.

LTV hopes to provide prospective interns with an education in the theories, methods, and practices of moving image production with a focus on community issues. Our curriculum will include practice in moving image production; editing; planning and scheduling; copyright and legal issues; and story development. Students are mentored by leading scholars and practitioners in the field.

The internship allows the students to practice and develop their skills in these areas in a professional setting.


The LTV Community Intern Project is four part-time semester-long internships and one full-time summer internship. Common internship duties include one or more of the following associated with the project:


  • Setting Personal Goals and Objectives

  • Developing Action Plans for Production

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Story Development

  • Image Production

  • Editing

  • Public Relations


While LTV’s Community Project is focused primarily on media, it is with an understanding that ancillary job requirements often exist in other forms. At the conclusion of five internships, each LTV student will have gained experience working with film, contributing to projects as outlined in their project plan and completing a broadcast-ready piece.


For more information and/or if you are interested in applying for this program,

please send an email to