This set is home to a number of LTV's shows. The studio comfortably seats five people against a frosted translucent wall that can be set at the color of your choice. Seating choices include large club chairs, modern side chairs, with coffee tables, or a round table. LTV has a few props, but we encourage you to make the set your own.

Many LTV Programs get their start in Studio 2. Henry Haney, Lois Wright and Bill Fleming have been filming here for many years, and we welcome new Producers Walter Sanchez and Group
for Good Government as our roster grows. Become an LTV Producer and let your voice be heard from Studio 2.

At the end of 2016, we upgraded the lighting in Studio 2 and took down the grid background.
We encourage you to make an appointment with the studio staff and experiment with the lights, furniture and props to make the set your own! You can set the lights and a save them to use the next time you film an episode if you want to keep a consistent look and feel to your show.

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