This is an extraordinary video collection. More than 25,000 shows strong and all made by and for the
East Hampton viewer. Since 1980, we've been logging shows, cross-referencing them, then transferring them from VHS to DVD, now to a digital archive storage system for future generations of historians. We also collect vintage film of local life that pre-dates LTV, the earliest from 1927.  


The LTV archive is a significant resource for our town – and taken as a whole, a remarkable documentation of an exceptional community. 


In our collection, you can see the meticulous restoration of a windmill, tour the last large farm on the East End, witness haul seining by 10th-generation local fishermen, and hear past debates over the then-hot topics of our changing town. Many of the early shows feature people, vistas, and a way of life now long gone.


Good to remember, too, that while LTV films government meetings and local events of major interest, the majority of the shows are produced by the residents of East Hampton. This archive is primarily a community effort - a living voice of a historic and iconic place and its people.

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A Tour of Gardiner’s Island - Lion Gardiner, 5th Lord of the Manor, takes a group on a lively history tour of the island.  1979


27 East -
a magazine show from LTV’s earliest studio on the
Fireplace Road featuring Jeffrey Bragman (a local lawyer) as host with Guests: Wilfrid Sheed, Sag Habor resident and nationally known literary critic and writer — and Dallas Ernst, East Hampton resident and wife of the artist Jimmy Ernst. 1988


Conversations With Artists -
Elaine Benson interviews artist Elaine deKooning in her studio. 1987


On Line With the Supervisor -
Tony Bullock and Dick McGowan From Emergency Services talk about the town’s preparedness for storms of magnitude with clips shown of the Hurricane
of 1938. 1988


The  Baymen’s Hour – Beset by increasing limitations to their fishing rights, local baymen present their case on striped bass legislation against the backdrop of haul seining and trap fishing on local waters. 1985 


Coming To America - immigrant children at the Springs School tell poignant stories about what it was like for them arriving in new country.  Students are from Latin America, Bosnia, Vietnam and Poland. 2000

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