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It’s about the people! Keeping LTV in mind if your are considering end-of-year donations.

It's about the people!

That is a popular sentiment but 2020 showed that simple statement’s impact more than any year we can remember. To review this year is redundant. We lived it and are still living it. We all know what a year it’s been. Every day there is another story of despair and you don’t have to look very hard to find it. In fact, you might be living that story as well. It’s harder to find those that don’t have a story than those who do.

But yet, here we are pushing forward as we always do. Why? Because where there is despair you will always find hope. That hope is created by people. It’s about the people. Somehow people find ways to turn hope into a positive and healing direction. It’s easier to write it down than to make it happen but somehow people do. Silly humans. We just don’t give up.

LTV has stories, too. Like everyone, we made changes on the fly, rolled with the punches and tried to provide the best local programming and information that we could get our sanitized hands on. We developed new ways of doing things on a moment's notice and provided a platform for local government to share their meetings, information and news. We feel it was important and hope (there’s that word again) that you feel the same way.

Looking forward to 2021, LTV will continue to “bob and weave” as new punches are thrown. But, we need your help. This unique time has been tough on us all - we know that - but it’s been particularly tough for not-for-profit organizations who provide for the local community. We will continue to help the “people” push forward by providing important local communication. All we ask is that you keep LTV in mind if you are considering end of year donations.

We can do this together… it’s about the people! Thanks for listening.

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