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Know Your Local Government

Over the past year or so, we have all seen the value of understanding how the government works. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on or your level of involvement (or not), Civics 101 has worked its way back to the front of the class. There is a good segment of the population that feels this is an opportunity for improvement in the school curriculum in the United States.

Until we get that worked out, there is always local public access television.

Here at LTV, our channel 22 is the EG station. That means it is totally dedicated to Education and Government. 24 hours, 7 days a week we broadcast government shows and educational content. Every Town Board meeting is broadcast live then rebroadcast at different times and days so we all can stay abreast of what our elected officials are doing.

Every Architectural Review Board, Planning Board, Town Trustee and even School Board meeting is broadcast so every citizen can be part of the governmental process without leaving the comfort of their living room. Every Village Trustee, ARB and Zoning Board is sent your way as well and LTV covers special governmental meetings and events, too. LTV is a powerful communications and educational tool if you choose to use it. We hope you do.

Knowledge is power. What better way to understand your local government than by sitting right with the person voted in to make the decisions. (You, of course in your sweats, they have to wear business clothes).

At some meetings you can even weigh in “by calling the number on your screen” during public forums or work sessions. We all are given many opportunities to be involved. Again, if we choose to. Let’s choose to.

Civics 101 is at your fingertips and resides on LTV.

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