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LTV Announces Community Scholarship Program

Local TV, Inc. (LTV) is proud to announce the establishment of its

Community Scholarship Program to support community media and free

speech. Ideal candidates will have a commitment to community, a love of

media, and a strong belief that all communities need to have access to

accurate and unfiltered information. Applications open Monday, March 8

and will be accepted until May 31. The first award will be made in

June 2021.

The LTV Community Scholarship Program is open to all graduating high

school students who reside in the Town of East Hampton and are seeking

secondary education in communications, media, or related fields. Each

candidate should demonstrate school and community involvement and

show good academic achievement. Besides a one time monetary award,

LTV is also offering a possible internship at LTV. All details can be found

on our website HERE.

“These are unique times for everyone but especially for our young people,”

said Michael Clark, Executive Director at LTV. “Any support we give,

monetary or preparing them for the working world, can only help. LTV is

here for the community and these young people are our future.”

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