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At LTV, we have a rich and varied archive of stories since 1980 (over 30,000 + shows), focusing on and often produced by our local community.

We are asking our Friends of LTV in the community to participate in helping us document this ‘unprecedented’ time in history – by sharing your Quarantine Memories.

Doesn’t have to be long – just something that has meaning to you.

Record yourself (easy as turning your phone sideways and hitting the record button facing yourself, or with a friend who has a video camera or phone), and send it to us – you can start with ‘Hi I’m …….(title optional) and then tell your story/memory.

If you could record your memory, and send with any supporting elements – pics and additional video -- we will put it together.

[Sending via WeTranser or Vimeo works well, and sometimes if it is short, in regular email.]


We want to continue this series – it will air on LTV and then live on our LTV Youtube channel, and you will get a link to share/post.

Check out our LTV Staff video above (some people edited their own pieces, not necessary but welcome).

We look forward to hearing your quarantine stories. We hope you and your loved ones are safe, sound and thriving.

Thank you!

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