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Our Statement on Social and Racial Justice

LTV sees to it that the community has the resources, ability and right to express themselves, create community dialogue and engage in civic life through local media. We promote free speech, expand dialogue, and ensure the people’s voices are heard.

The importance of what we do is clear. When the video cameras are rolling, unedited, and unfiltered, the truth finds the light of day. This is the basic concept of public access and community media: to share community voices through local media to tell their story their way.

However, individual producers who are public, don't represent the opinions of LTV. Nor do they represent LTV on social media platforms. With that said, LTV stands against racism, hate, and systemic oppression. We stand in solidarity with the many people and organizations that condemn violations of basic human rights.

Let us work together to make the current civic climate the pivot point as we finally move in the right direction. A direction that lets us be a more understanding, compassionate, and welcoming community that supports peaceful protest, human rights, and change.

LTV is your platform. We can be your avenue to change.

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