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St Kilda

Produced by LTV in association with The Neo-Political Cowgirls
Thursday, 10/27 at 7:00PM
Tickets available HERE


A One Woman Scottish Horror Excursion With Supernatural Foley Looping 

After the death of her Grandmother, an American woman travels to an abandoned island off the coast of Scotland and unearths a dark family secret, in a world where the past is anything but dead.


This tale of supernatural horror is steeped in Scottish folklore and told in a tradition as ancient as its subject matter. To perform St Kilda, Jody Christopherson tours alone and creates her own sound score, lighting and special effects from stage. With the skills of highly trained musician/technician, she sets up and operates all her own technical equipment. Live sound mixing on an 8 channel board, distortion pedals, a sound looper, sound recordings from the UK, folk singing, foley, clip lights on dimmer switches, a hazer, and an LED hoodie she created all conjure a multi-layered storytelling experience in near darkness.


Foley instruments include a cigar box guitar, violin bows on bowls of water, monochords, pie tins full of salt, kitchen and camping items, and more.


St Kilda is inspired by Christopherson’s Nebraska roots, her Scottish heritage, and the 1930 evacuation of Scotland’s St Kilda. The show features the lost music of the archipelago, discovered in 2016.  

St Kilda was developed with Isaac Byrne, with the support of Torn Page, Tony Torn, New Georges The Room and The New York Community Trust on behalf of Alexander Sanger

Written and Performed by Jody Christopherson

Sound and Foley Design by Andy Evan Cohen

Voice Over Acting by Michael de Roos

Dialect Coaching by Chloe Dirksen

Featuring the lost music of St Kilda

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More Information about Jody Christopherson HERE