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Wednesdays @ 11:00AM | Fridays @ 7:30PM | Saturdays @ 8:30AM | Sunday @ 4:00PM

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Produced and Hosted 
by Judy Sleed

I started this show some 20 years ago on LTV. I chose Josh Gladstone, the Artistic Director at Guild Hall as my first guest to put in my hot seat, encouraging him to spill it all! We had a blast! It's hard to believe I've since interviewed hundreds of you, and although I've known some of you for many moons, I really don't know anything about you! It's such a thrill for me to get feedback from so many all over the world! The technology is truly amazing! Whether it's YouTube or email, I love hearing from everyone! And there's still time for anyone who wants to be a guest. I sometimes find myself reminiscing, watching shows I've done with people who are no longer with us. I feel honored to have played a small part in their lives. I look forward to 20 more years of The Play Is The Thing!

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