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The MANNIX Show will be hosted with a live audience at LTV Studios.
*Filmed for archives

Episode 1 – The Art World; And Its Many Sides

Thurs 06/27/24 @ 7:30PM

Did you ever wonder how an artist gets their sculpture into a public square or how a painting is issued for mass consumption... This panel discussion is not just for artists, it's for the curious mind.

Karyn Mannix, known on the East End for her background as an art dealer, curator, educator, and artist herself, will be hosting this slightly off-the-cuff humorous Talk Show covering an array of art topics with a list of riveting East End guests, including fine artists, gallerists, curators, performers, and other cultural folk. Audience participation is a must. The show will have an audience Q&A followed by a 30-minute meet and greet.


Sponsored by BottleHampton; James Lane Post

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