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The facilities at LTV are top notch, and large enough to provide the perfect space for uninhibited filming. There is nothing else like it on the east end of Long Island, and I would recommend LTV to anyone looking for a high quality studio experience. 

   Devon Leaver


LTV and the school worked collaboratively on a number of student-related programming last year.  The work they did with our 2020 Commencement Ceremony during a pandemic was tremendous.  LTV is an essential resource for our school to get information out in a timely fashion and to assist with creating valuable educational programs for our community.


Adam Fine, Principal, East Hampton High School

It is with great pleasure that I write about LTV-EH, beginning with my first appearance on Haim Mizrahi's HELLO, HELLO in April 2019, which has become a weekly on-air poetry writing party, and has inspired me to write with more creativity, enhanced by the excitement of a 'live' performance. With the encouragement of Haim and Michael Clark, I've been the host of my own show, NOTES & NOTIONS FROM THE WRITING DESK, where my work as a playwright, poet, and author, continue to be showcased, along with the talents of actors, poets, musicians and writers. To this marvelous venue, the wonderful creative and administrative staff at LTV, and the opportunity it gives to our individual and collective voice, my gratitude is boundless. Thank you!


Joanne De Simone

Playwright, Poet, Author

LTV Producer

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