PHYLLIS ITALIANO, Host of The Democratic View

"First, may I reiterate how important this vital asset

is to our town. Without the many board meetings that they broadcast, the townspeople would not have a first hand look at the business of running the town. No matter what time you catch the doings of the various Boards, you always know that you can monitor the
day-to-day operations of our town from the LTV
website. People always tell me that they have seen
this meeting or that meeting. It makes us feel like we have a real stake in our government. Even if you are not watching the town's business, you get on channel 22

commercial-free viewing and what viewing it is. As an
old history and science teacher, I lap up what they
have to offer."

WALTER SANCHEZ, Host of Integrando Culturas

"LTV is synonymous with the opportunity to learn, share, communicate and have fun. We are very proud and privileged to be the latest Spanish-language program in the Hamptons viewing area. I want to
thank all of the LTV staff for their brilliant disposition and help on our program."

Traducida en Español — "LTV, es sinonimo de Oportunidad para aprender, compartir, transmitir y diversion. Estamos muy Orgullosos y Privilegiados de ser un programa en el Area de los Hamptons."

LINDA MARIA FRANK, Host of The Writer's Dream

"I have been producing The Writer's Dream for four years at LTV in Wainscott. There are so many nice things I can say about the studio and its staff. The quality of the studio setting, the care and interest the staff has taken in making sure my guests get a quality show, and the professionalism in all aspects of making my show a success have made The Writer's Dream experience something I am very proud of. I look forward to producing the show for the many authors who have seen [it], and are interested in participating in this quality experience."

Steve Haweeli, Host of foodTALK

"Working with the warm professionals at LTV has been most rewarding. Their attention to detail

and desire to serve the individual - as well as the community - is inspiring. If you haven’t taken advantage of LTV, do so now. I’m delighted with

the product!"


"I've been on several television programs, and being

on The Writer's Dream has been one of my best experiences. From the professional manner in which

[the] LTV studio conducted themselves before and

during the recording, to the actual interview with Linda Maria Frank, it was an absolute joy to work with them. Having a TV program specifically about writers, is not only beneficial to authors, but to readers as well. What better way to promote reading and writing? The Writer's Dream is a way to showcase the talented authors we have on Long Island, and the wonderful and creative books they have written." 

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