One of the oldest and most historic in America, a famous colony for artists and writers, a place of exceptional beauty, renowned in summer for its beaches and high end real estate yet still a year round home to fishing and farming families, Native Americans and independently minded “ex-pats” from the city.


The LTV Archives reflects it all with more than 25,000 shows taped by and for our viewers since 1980 when the first show Save Our Beaches was logged into the library.  We also collect vintage film on local life that pre-dates LTV, the earliest from 1927.  


In our collection, you can see the meticulous restoration of a windmill, visit the studios of dozens of well-known artists, witness haulseining and trap fishing by 10th-generation local fishermen, listen to talks by local historians and nationally acclaimed writers, hear the stories behind the landmarks and experience over thirty years of debate on the environmental and political hot topics of our changing town. 


This archive is primarily a community effort - a living voice of a historic and iconic place and its people.


Researchers, documentarians, family historians -- send an email to for more information on the LTV Archive.

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