is our largest studio and is perfect for photo and video shoots, community meetings, presentations, lectures, panel discussions, benefits, special events, and any filming that requires a large space. Named in honor of LTV Founder Frances Ann Dougherty, this studio is unmatched in the community in terms of space and versatility. Just as in any studio at LTV, events in Studio 3 can be filmed for broadcast. Seating is available for up to 200, with capacity limited at 300. 


If you are interested in renting Studio 3, please call Executive Director,

Michael Clark at 631.537.2777, ext. 112 or email:

The Frances Ann Dougherty Studio...

Host an Event:

• 3750 square feet (75' x 50')
• 40ft. ceilings
• 39' x 18' cyclorama
• Ground access to studio 
   through 9 x 9 garage door
• Concrete flooring

Have a Performance:

• Kawai piano – upright K3
• Lighting: 3 trusses,
   basic stage wash and lighting

Show Your Film:

• Panasonic PT-DZ8700U Projector

• 200 stackable chairs

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