Channel 22 is broadcasting to the public on cable and via the live-stream on the website.

If you tune-in to the live-stream and are experiencing difficulties, check out our YouTube page

as the meeting should be live-streaming there as well.

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Due to the coronavirus, the LTV building remains closed to all but a few staff members. 

Our re-open date will be based on state and local guidelines. 

Our staff is working and will answer emails and reply to voicemails,

so please stay in touch with any questions you have!


Thank you for supporting LTV!

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LTV provides a free-speech television and media platform to share all manner of public discourse, education, and creative expression within our community and the world at large.

We allocate channel space and time to East Hampton Town residents, non-profit  organizations, educators, and governmental bodies to cablecast their programs.


We offer access to a facility in which studios, production, and editing equipment are  available for the use of residents, non-profit organizations, educators, and governmental bodies to create television productions for cablecasting on LTV’s  designated access channels.


We offer media training in the use of access facilities and equipment.


We house an archive in which shows of historic value and interest to East Hampton residents are preserved.


We record and broadcast live the meetings of the East Hampton Town and Village Boards, Zoning Boards, Trustee Boards, East Hampton School Board, Springs School Board.

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