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We started this festival as a way to spark creativity in young people with limited resources and as a way to discover young filmmakers, give them visibility and support them through involvement with LTV.

Because of ever-changing phone technology, the little device people are using to text, tweet and play Candy Crush is one of the greatest tools for low-to-no budget filmmakers. Whether they create for fun or are an aspiring filmmaker, they no longer need expensive technology to be creative.


The mobile phone has expanded the scope and freedom for young filmmakers. Now aspiring artists have the ability to write, shoot and edit their films at the touch of a button. Smartphones are reshaping the way we approach filmmaking and have created limitless possibilities.


So, for the savvy young filmmaker who has already joined the Smartphone revolution and who has a completed project, the next step will be to get the film seen and the LTV FONE FILM FESTIVAL will help with that! We encourage all young filmmakers to share the stories they have captured on mobile devices and LTV will provide a platform to exhibit these stories to a wider audience. It is a chance for young people to push the boundaries of narrative and style.


The festival will take place with a marathon airing on December 20, 2021 and will be followed by individual broadcasts in the month of January.


Submissions are open to anyone 21 years old or younger with a Smartphone and a compelling story to tell.

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1. The LTV FONE FILM FESTIVAL is for young filmmakers (21 years old and under) who make short productions exclusively with a Smartphone. Short productions are defined as under 15 minutes.

2. The festival is organized into 4 categories:


3. There is a limit of (3) three films submitted by the same participant.

4. The submitted short films must be shot with a Smartphone and indicate the Smartphone brand and model.

5. Filmmakers can use other mobile devices (drones, tablets, etc) for a maximum of 10% of the total length of the short film.

6. The use of external elements (microphones, lighting, dolls, etc.) and the use of any software for editing or treatment of images is allowed.

7. Allowed formats: mov, wmv, avi, mp4 (h264), mkv. The short films must have a quality no lower than 1080p.

8. All persons or private spaces that appear in the short films must do so under their consent. We will not accept short films that contain discriminatory material and/or violate the dignity of people.

9. The short films must be owned by the producer(s).

10. The participant must have the rights to use the music or soundtrack of the short film presented.

11. The short films must not exceed 15 minutes, credits included.

12. Films must be uploaded to Vimeo or another video platform and filmmaker will provide a link to their downloadable file. The festival application is available through FilmFreeway; please include the link to your downloadable file in your application. Use the FilmFreeway link below to submit your film.

13. All non-English foreign-language films must be subtitled in English.

14. The period for submission of short films is from June 1 to November 1, 2021. Films submitted after this date will not enter in the current edition of the festival.

15. Participants agree to the reproduction and dissemination of their short films for informative or promotional purposes related to the festival.

16. The age limit is 21 years old and under for producers, but if the filmmakers are under the age of 18, it is mandatory to send an authorization signed by their parent or legal guardianyou can download the form HERE. 


After completing the form, you can attach it to the 'Files & Attachments' section of your project page on FilmFreeway. 

17. LTV is not responsible for issues not covered in these rules.

QUESTIONS? Send us an email and we will get right back to you!