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Friday Family Frolics.jpg

Friday Family Frolics

A fantastical festival of fresh frivolity, feisty foolery and fabulous fun! Four Fridays @ Five - fitting fare for frolickling families, funny friends and freaky folks. Pop by for a performance, pop out for a pizza, and let the weekend begin!

Goat on A Boat Puppet Theater The Chicken Show and Puppet Making Workshop

Friday 07/19/24 @ 5PM

Join Liz Joyce and a Couple of Puppets as they roll her fabulous Goat On A Boat Puppet Truck right onto the main floor of LTV’s Studio 3 for a fun and frolicsome Chicken Party! Bring your own eggs, hatching ...

Johnny Peers and the Muttville Comix

Friday 08/16/24 @ 5PM

Johnny Peers and the Muttville Comix is a slapstick comedy act like no other. Johnny leads over a dozen dogs through challenging and hilarious tricks as Johnny plays the straight man role in this wonderful show.

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