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FILM SCREENING: Love ... Reconsidered

THURSDAY, 8/8 at 7:30PM

90 minutes with a 20 min Q+A after the film


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Love…Reconsidered - A Comedy About Finding Yourself in the Strangest of Places


Ruby (Sophie Von Haselberg) is a down-on-her-luck Manhattanite who can't seem to keep a boyfriend,

a job, or get out of her parents house, though she aspires to be so much more. After she encounters quirky Golda (Elaine Bromka) in Central Park, she is handed keys to a consignment store in the Hamptons to manage. Determined to be the GOOP-Michelle Obama-Boss Babe that can really make it out East,

she attempts to make connections with an ex that wants to stay her ex, a charlatan disguised as Gwyneth Paltrow's bestie, and a variety of other Hamptonites with entangling stories that make up the framework of Ruby's new life. In the end, it is through her resiliency of spirit, a flavorful local community, and rejection of the seemingly rich and powerful that she finds the true prize: herself.



“Love…Reconsidered” is a story about letting go of who you think you’re supposed to

be and allowing yourself to become someone unexpected. It’s about the mistakes we

make when we don’t know what success means for us and the very real need we all

have to find our place in the world.

Our hero Ruby is lost, but only because she’s been chasing the wrong dreams: the

good-on-paper boyfriend, the “right” connections, the perfect millennial gray plus Goop

pink existence no one actually has. But Ruby’s real power is in her messiness, her

persistence and her adventurousness. Ruby’s story mirrors the angst and drive so many

women experience as they struggle to define themselves in a world that thinks it already

knows everything there is to know about them. Getting to bring Ruby’s story to the screen with so many talented women behind and in front of the camera has been a dream come true. When watching the movie I feel transported back to my favorite indie romcoms of the 90s, those small stories of scrappy

authenticity, dripping with quirk and nerve, that made me want to be just as fearless.

I hope you, too, fall in love with this ensemble, led by the glorious Sophie Von Haselberg,

and that this story rekindles some of those long-dormant feels.

Directed by: Carol Ray Hartsell

Written by: Arielle Haller-Silverstone

Produced by: SJ Allocco-St. Germain, Arielle Haller-Silverstone, Carol Ray Hartsell

Line Producer/UPM: Piyush Thakur

Director of Photography: Dave Caroll

Production Designer: Kivlan King

Editor: Scott Rosann

Music by: Behind the Curtains Media

Executive Produced by: Ian Stone, El Ride Productions

Casting by: SJ Allocco-St.Germain

Starring: Sophie Von Haselberg, Julia Coffey, Amy Pham, Judy Gold,
Simon Feil, Elaine Bromka, Luke Gulbranson, Jon Lemmon, Ed Herbstman,
Rosa Gilmore, Colton Haynes, Javier Muñoz, Marisa Ryan, Rick Younger, Amelia Gwaltney,
Anthony Norman, Jill Kargman, Sean Crespo, Anthony Devito, Katina Corrao

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