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Weekend Live at LTV

Produced by LTV Studios,
Bridget LeRoy, Bill McCuddy and Patrick McLaughlin

Hosted by Bridget LeRoy, Bill McCuddy and Patrick McLaughlin. Join us along with a cast of characters from all parts of the East End - chefs, realtors, actors, muscians, artists and more as we fill you in on the hottest places to be this weekend. The 2024 season premiered on 5/24/24 and new episodes run each week through Labor Day.

Each week the program premieres on FRIDAYS at 2:00PM on YouTube (and can be watched anytime after that!).

Watch on LTV/Channel 20 on SATURDAYS at 8:30AM & 5:00PM
and SUNDAYS at
1:00 & 5:30AM and 1:30PM. 

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